Vaccinations & Microchipping

We offer a full range of vaccinations and flea & worming treatments. You also have the option of signing up to our Pet Healthcare Plan, which includes annual vaccinations, flea & worming treatment and much more.


We are acutely aware of just how stressful it can be for both pet and owner to visit a conventional veterinary practice, not only on the journey but also in the waiting room. Examining your pet in their home environment decreases their stress levels, makes them less nervous and they feel more comfortable.


We are able to perform most types of surgery within the mobile unit, from routine neutering (castrations and speys), lump removals and dental treatment, to more in depth abdominal surgery such as intestinal surgery, surgical management of womb infections and more.


When it comes to dental care, we believe that prevention is better than cure. However if there is a large accumulation of plaque on the teeth we recommend a scale and polish. Your pet will require a general anaesthesia and this will be performed in our mobile surgery.

Diagnostic Imaging

We have a state of the art x-ray and ultrasound machine within our mobile surgery to assist us in our diagnosis. We also offer pregnancy scanning.

End of life care

Do you feel that the time has come and you have to say goodbye to an old friend? Is the thought of taking them somewhere adding more stress to the emotion? We are here to help and support you at this difficult time.

Pet Healthcare Plan

Our pet health plans offer a simple and affordable way to get all the essential, preventative care that our practice recommends for your pet.