Pet Healthcare Plan

Our pet health plans offer a simple and affordable way to get all the essential, preventative care that our practice recommends for your cat or dog.

The plans include annual vaccinations, routine flea and worm treatments delivered to your door and a host of other benefits

So, if you would like to spread the cost of your preventative veterinary care with a simple direct debit, contact us today for more information on how to sign up.

The benefits you will be entitled to on the plan are as follows:

– Annual vaccination (including kennel cough)

– Flea and worming treatment

– Two vet consultations

– 15% off follow up consultations

– Four Nurse consultations

– Nail clipping

– Expression of anal glands

– 10% off food

– 25% off neutering

– 20% off medication

– 20% off in-house labs

– 15% off tick/lungworm tx (dogs only)

– £10 microchip


The products that we dispense as standard for dogs cover for lungworm, but not ticks.  We have therefore increased the scope of flea treatment for dogs, which will be available as a monthly tablet in the form of Credelio.  Please be aware that this option does not include lungworm treatment, however Credelio does treat for ticks.  Lungworm treatment will be available with a 15% discount.

For our care plan pricing, please head over to our Prices page.

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