When it comes to dental care, we believe that prevention is better than cure.  We offer products which can go into food and water to help prevent plaque build up, but the best prevention is daily tooth brushing.  Also available through us are canine and feline specific toothbrush kits and we can advise on how to go about brushing your pets teeth.

However, if there is a large accumulation of plaque on the teeth we recommend a scale and polish.  Your pet will require a general anaesthesia and this will be performed in our mobile surgery.  The teeth are not just scaled but are also examined for signs of root exposure and gum recession.  Any teeth requiring extraction can be removed at the same time.  The remaining teeth are then polished to reduce the build up of plaque in the future.

We also know how expensive dental treatment for pets can be and that most insurance companies will not cover for this. Therefore, even if multiple extractions are required or even full mouth extractions, our dental prices are capped.  This includes intravenous fluid therapy during the procedure and home medication of antibiotics and pain-relief.

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