We are able to perform most types of surgery within the mobile unit, from routine neutering (castrations and speys), lump removals, dental treatment to more in depth abdominal surgery such as intestinal surgery, surgical management of womb infections and more.

We come directly to your house – all we need is level parking space and access to your electricity supply. Your pet is then examined, to ensure they are fit to undergo an anaesthetic, and then weighed and a pre-medication is administered. This reduces anxiety and the dose of anaesthetic required.  Once your pet is a little more relaxed they are taken in to the unit and the operation is performed. When the surgery is complete we will tell you how the operation went and your pet will be returned to your house as soon as they are awake and alert.

This facility is aimed at providing a professional, yet personal service tailored to your pet in their home to reduce the stress of undergoing an operation at a distant surgery.

Our Mobile Veterinary Unit is a fully fitted, operating theatre.  There is the usual equipment you would expect in a normal theatre :-

  • Anaesthetic Machine
  • Operating Table
  • Dental Unit
  • Sterile Instrument Kits
  • Weighing Scales
  • Recovery Kennels
  • Air-conditioning

Other services we offer