COVID-19 Update

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government has asked us all to do our best in limiting the spread of this virus and as such, they have issued clear guidance on social distancing and self-isolation.  In order that we can remain open and provide essential care to pets, our governing body, The Royal College of Veterinary […]

Time To Say Goodbye…

As I open my eyes, I can sense that the whole house is waking up.  I sigh, another day.  I dread getting up out of my bed as every part of me aches and I know it is going to be excruciating once I start moving.  The pain has been with me for at least […]

Fireworks and Your Pet

We are again approaching that time of year when you will find a stand at the front of most superstores selling fireworks.  Even though fireworks can be purchased in the UK throughout the year, it is suddenly made a lot more accessible as we approach the 5th of November through to the 1st of January.  […]

2 Years of Vet 2U…

We can not believe that it has already been 2 years since we launched.  Where did that time go?  A lot has happened over this time and the business has grown significantly to the point that we are now looking into the possibility of employing another vet and nurse and expanding our service. This venture […]

Our Story

Vet 2U Limited is the vision of Kate Higgs and Kerry Storey to offer a caring and professional veterinary service tailored to every pet and their owner.  Our aim is to bring the veterinary practice to your door, saving you and your pet the stress of a car journey to a static practice. We launched […]

Pet Fear Can Impact On Veterinary Care

In February 2018, an article entitled Pet fear ‘number one’ barrier – vet was released in the Vet Times magazine explaining how the fear, anxiety and stress (FAS) experienced by an animal when going to the vets can impact on the care it receives. Some owners do not like to see their beloved pet in […]