Saying Goodbye to Missey

Recently we have had to say goodbye to our family pet, Missey.
She had been with us for 14 years. A friendly and placid dog.
Our grandchildren would climb all over her without any reaction.
She even accepted the recent new additions to our household. Cats!
We first used Vet2u back in October to look at a problem that Missey had.
Sadly, because of her age and general health, it was deemed un-advisable to medically treat Missey’s condition.
Over the next months we watched Missey ‘go downhill’.  Some days were good and some were not.
She would struggle to get up but still would ask for a play fight.  Often would not eat.  Weight loss.  She no longer looked happy.
Finally we felt the time had come.
When the day came I did not know what to expect but the Vet2u team were understanding and compassionate.
They were gentle and calming with Missey in her final moments.
I was beside her.
As soon as Missey fell asleep I felt a sense of relief.  It pained me to see Missey in her last days.
Thank you Vet2u for making a difficult time go smoothly and bearable. - Paul