(15/05/2006 - 31/01/2022)

Human Family: Salter

Ode To My Cat
By Carol M. Salter
A small pink tongue lolls lazily by
a tiny row of teeth.
The look of love is in his eyes
the thought of food beneath.
A damp wet nose rests on my arm
A limb stretched out full tilt
A slimline tail taps insistently
A body perfectly built.
One ear swings back, one paw lifts up,
A purr trills loudly out
The tail sways, the head turns
Tonight’s delight is trout.
One headlong dash out of the room
Strutting back and forth
With knowing eye and scenting nose
And tail pointing north
A rushed assault to bowl of food
A mouthful of fillet o’ fish
Till all too soon the bowl is naught
But an empty pot of wish
A saunter back to mother’s lap
A slow descent to mat
To bend and wash, and fall asleep
One satisfied fat cat.