(15/05/2019 - 21/09/2021)

Human Family: Carmichael

Elsa was such an amazing girl but had unfortunately a lot of issues with aggression.  After a long fight of trying to help Elsa we found out Elsa had disc disease in most of her spine so we took the heart-breaking decision that we couldn’t carry on with Elsa.  Elsa was a very complicated case and I fought so hard with her.  No matter how much she suffered in life stress or disc disease she was always full of energy.  I just want to say a thank you to everyone who has helped from when Elsa was a pup to now and thank you for making Elsa’s send off as stress free as possible.  I was so worried about how Elsa would be at the end because of her aggression,  but Vet 2U made it peaceful for her.  She feel asleep on my knee.  She will forever be missed and loved and there is now a big hole in my heart.  Elsa has taught me so much in life, 1 that not all dogs are the same, 2 patience, 3 love because no matter what her issues I loved this girl so so much and she gave love back.  You won’t suffer anymore baby girl in stress or pain you will run free with them beautiful floppy ears ❤