(04/03/2009 - 09/11/2020)

Human Family: Ward


Thank you Kate & Kerry, I am so grateful to you all for the wonderful care you have taken of my dog Dudley.

It was the best decision I ever made for Dudley’s well-being for your practice to look after his health.
You came so highly recommended for your expertise and compassion in animal welfare. You are highly skilled veterinarians, so patient and gentle with the animals and us worried pet parents. You have never rushed us when Dudley has been unwell, stroking, cuddling and talking to him gently before examining him to minimise his distress.

This time my splendid Dudley couldn’t be fixed, but with your help he had lived a long, happy and healthy life.
When the time came you gave him a dignified, calm, painless and peaceful passing carried out with such loving care and compassion. At the moment of his passing my beautiful amazing best friend lifted his head and gave me one last kiss.

You were so supportive, taking the time to talk everything over properly, nothing was too much trouble. You helped me to say goodbye to Dudley in the best way possible, for which I will forever be grateful.

Well done, you managed to achieve all of this in a safe manner during this awful pandemic of the Covid-19 virus.

Thank you my splendid Dudley for being my cherished best friend. I loved you so much. You were the beautiful handsome little dog with the big heart who gave me and my family so much love and joy. So gentle, never a cross word or growl, tail always wagging, funny and happy all the time who loved his life. You were simply amazing.

I have so many happy memories of you these last 11 years. Walking on the beach with my late husband Ivan, you swimming in the sea, diving for rocks or retrieving your ball. Fabulous walks at Pegwell Nature reserve & countless other places. Later years our daily walk along the Royal Esplanade to visit Ivan’s memorial bench. Once there you always had a treat or two. I think you enjoyed having treats as much as the actual walk, a true Cavalier thinking of his tummy.

You used to sneak out of our house to visit my neighbour Marilyn who thought the world of you, she looked after you when necessary and often joined us on our walks.

You were so gentle with my 8yr old granddaughter Tia who adored you, she called you her Doodles. We all had such fun together in Courtstairs Children’s Park often with her Dad Julian.

I was always so proud of the way you would happily walk alongside me on my mobility scooter, we have made so many friends and their dogs thanks to you my gorgeous Dudley.

We miss you so much and thank you for the happy memories we will treasure always. You have left your paw print in our hearts.
Love Juliet.